Accessing your Control Panel - CPANEL

You can access your site cpanel directly by entering in - or by logging in Here.
What to expect if you click the link -

The link above is an indirect link to your CPANEL. If you enter in your link ( you will not recieve this warning. This message is just a warning that this site is a self-signed certificate: Browser untrusted connection warning. Just select "I understand the risks" (or the non-firefox equivalent) and choose the equivalent, "Permanently Store this exception" checkbox, and close it with the "Confirm Security Exception". Then reload the page.

How / Where do I upload my website files -

Once you have logged into CPANEL scroll down the page to the "Files" section and select the link for the "File Manager". From the file manager you should see a familiar view that will allow you to perform normal file operation (move, copy) Cpanel File manager

Can I directly file copy -

There are two ways to directly copy files to and from the server. Both require that you configure your account to support the transfer. The first method in CPANEL is to select Web Disk, just follow the basic instructions for connecting your computer (based on Operating System. The second option from CPANEL is to use FTP. First you need to create a User ID and Password in CPANEL, using the FTP Accounts applet, then next you need to enable the FTP service with the FTP Access applet. Once they are setup, use your favorite FTP client (such as FileZilla and connect to your ftp site using your userID@ftp.YourDomain (with the .com, or .org, etc.). Or if you are using MS Windows you can access the site by using Windows Exmplorer (not Internet Explorer) and entering in the address bar: ftp://YourUserID:YourPassword@ftp.YourDomain/ (with the .com, or .org, etc.).