Our Impact

Did you know that the use of the Internet is quickly becoming one of the worlds largest polluters due to the power consumption required to operate the servers. Many people are surprised to learn just how much they are contributing to CO2 emissions while surfing the web. According to an article written in the Times Newspapers Ltd ,“A typical search generates about 7g of CO2 on average, with over 200 million internet searches estimated daily. A report by Gartner, the industry analysts, said the global IT industry generated as much greenhouse gas as the worlds airlines - about 2% of global CO2 emissions. The Internet is growing daily; it has changed how we do business and the way we communicate. Millions use it globally as a universal source of information; we use it at home, at school and for work daily. It is up to those of us that use the internet to take on the environmental impact that it has and selecting a certified environmentally friendly hosting company is a good start.

A Little Green Monster is dedicated to being environmentally friendly. In order for us to offer a 99.9% uptime we must have a constant power source. We compensate for this by hosting our servers in a Data Center that purchases certified Renewable Energy Credits (wind in our case) to offset the CO2 emissions used to power and cool our efficient servers. In fact this Data Center has retired 130% of the power consumption required to operate our servers. That means that 30% more RECs have been retired than needed to cover our energy consumption, thus feeding the grid.

In addition our office in Denver takes many steps to remain carbon neutral. Most of our employees telecommute; our office recycles, composts & gardens, as well as purchases additional RECs to offset our carbon footprint. Our office uses recycled paper, practices responsible printing, promotes eWaste recycling and uses the power of the sun to light our office as much as possible. We have a buy local model and support local environmental programs such as Grow Local Colorado, Use Only What You Need and other like organizations. We are always looking for ways to help our environment and reduce our impact on the environment. If you have suggestions or questions about our practices please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to hosting your site, but if you decide to select an alternate hosting company please keep in mind that it may seem like a small impact to host your site with a certified environmentally friendly company, but one by one we can make a difference! As always make sure any "Green" company you purchase service from, is certified and actively involved in environmental activities.

These are just a few things that we do to reduce our enviromental impact:
We buy certified REC's.

We use energy efficient Equipment.

We power down and turn off all office equipment at the end of the day.

We use a Data Center that buys certified REC's.

We reuse & recycle.

We reduce our waste by composting and using less.

We promote responsible printing and "don't print unless you need it" is an office rule.

We participate in eWaste recycling and host roundups..

We support our local community and a “Be Local, Buy Local, and Eat Local model.